Broncos or Steelers?

Broncos vs brown or Steelers vs colts?


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That’s a tough one. DEN is a joke but the DEF isn’t the worst. They could struggle vs Chubb though.

PGH DEF is overrated and continually garbage over AND under the middle. Brissetts athletism and options at TE that could torch us. The Chargers would absolutely have beat us if they would’ve fed Hunter Henry. We’re easily exposed.

Are there no other options?

nah, those r two best plays

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Who’s you go with bro?

broncos in 1 league and seahawks in the other. Steelers on the bench in both
whoops! We’ll see

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Well Mincah got us that TD but we’re getting torched in the middle. Terrible every year for PGH. Good luck my friend!