Broncos Pass Catchers?

Just curious as to why everyone is sleeping on the broncos pass catchers this year. Seems like you could get value with Jeudy or Sutton or Fant.

I get Lock’s play wasn’t good enough last year, but I’m genuinely curious…why don’t people think he can improve to be at least mediocre? Alternatively, if Teddy is the guy, doesn’t that raise DEN pass catchers’ floors?

No reason not to take a flyer out on Jeudy. Camp reports like everyone else are through the roof

I like Jeudy and Sutton this year. I think they will bounce back.

Fant is the odd man out imho. While he is athletic, he just hasnt been impressive.

My personal opinion is that each of Jeudy, Sutton and Fant can be fantasy relevant but I do not believe all will be. I’m not really convinced on any.

I’m most interested in Jeudy but I don’t believe Lock or Bridgewater are good enough to support much of a breakout and it could be just really meh for everyone.

At the right price I’m happy to take a shot on them, but I don’t want to need them. I want them to be guys that force my hand into playing them

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While I mostly agree with @Mr_Wind-up_Bird, however Teddy B did support 2 1,000 yd WRs last year.

D.J. Moore finished as the WR 17 (STND)/WR 23 (PPR) with 66/1193/4 on 118 targets and Robby Anderson finished as the WR 27 (STND)/ WR 19 (PPR) with 95/1096/3 on 136 targets. Both were at least mid/low WR 2s scoring only 7 TDs combined and Mike Davis getting 70 targets as well.

It is in the realm of possible outcomes that both Sutton and Jeudy can finish as mid/low WR 2s depending on scoring format, IF Teddy B is the starter all year, with Jeudy most likely finishing higher due to benefitting more from Teddy’s playstyle.

However, I agree that I dont really want any of them (in redraft leagues for me personally) due to factoring in Fant’s volume, DEN total offense efficiency/scoring opportunities and Gordon/Williams passing volume.