Brown and Cooks for Fournette?

I’m in a 12 team standard league. Would you do this trade as the team giving Malcolm Brown and Brandon Cooks? Here’s the rest of my roster. Is there a better trade? What do you think:

Thanks in advance!

No no noooooo! For what it’s worth, I live in Tampa, and all we have been hearing is Fournette is an insurance and depth piece. He will see his workload go up as they need a better runner and someone to spell Rojo, but Malcom Brown is the #1 in LA until he does something to lose it. He looked like Gurley out there in an offense focused more on rushing. I don’t see Fournette ever clearly taking the role. Cooks can also emerge if he stays healthy so I’d keep 2 in the hand on this one.

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This is probably what I needed to hear. I feel the same on all of this but in the back of my mind i definitely keep hearing “what if Fournette takes that job and is a monster”. But in a game of probabilities youre probably right.