Brown and Doug martin for

Antonio brown , Doug martin for
2018 1.4 , 2019 2nd , 2020 1st and cam meredith. Half PPR , dynasty league … need some help guys !!!

Thanks !!!

And are you trading away Brown or for him?

I would be on the Brown side of that deal.

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I’d want Brown over the draft picks. If you have a stud like him you keep the known over the unknown.

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brown side for sure

Yes I would be trading away brown

Only way I move Brown, if its just for picks before the draft, is for the 1.01.
At the 1.04 you’re getting Chubb, Jones, Penny; but, you don’t know their situation and with everyone else besides Barkley, situation means a lot. (I argue it does for Barkley too but I’m in the minority).
The 2nd rounder, in a rookie draft is about as valuable as Doug Martin because its unlikely you’ll find a good player, only depth.
The 2020 1st sounds great because its a 1st; but, you never know where this player will finish so you don’t know where the pick will be.
I think you can get much more for AB, especially trading top team making a push.

That’s not really enough. I’d be a seller on Brown, unless I think I’m a serious contender this year, but I’d be getting more than that back. You might be surprised how infrequently 1.04 yields a stud.