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Brown for Bell?


Another question for you all, I’m in a different 12 team league where pickings are slim. Here’s my roster, I desperately need an upgrade at RB since all I have is Hunt. Any opinions?


I would stick with what youhave. Your WR situation would become the RB situation you have now. I think Brown and Bell are equal. But i think a Brown/Hunt team is better than a Bell/Hunt team in terms of depth and options.


I really like hunt this year, and every game isnt going to be like the ones hes having but you should have nothing to worry about. With slim pickings you’re working with alot


Thanks for the help! May be next week if Bell doesn’t perform I might try to get him on the cheap if possible.


That’s probably your best bet. Any day now he’s ready to bust, but that doesnt mean some people arent losing alittle hope in him. Now or if he flukes again is probably the best chance anyone will get for getting him on the low.