Brown/Kittle vs Hopkins

Is Kittle and AJ Brown giving up too much for Hopkins? 10 team standard league.

I think if that’s available to you, go for it. The 49ers aren’t looking great and Hopkins is THE WR to own this year.

That feels like a lot to me. I just got him for james Robinson + Parker. That also felt like a lot to me but I have RB depth so I pulled the trigger

I also have Jonnu, which is why I’m considering it.

Can you move down a notch in WR? Do you have like a fuller/Parker/boyd etc. I won’t say I’m against the trade as is but I don’t love it either

I also have Woods, Slayton, Crowder, and Aiyuk. Still feeling out trade parameters. I began talks with Kittle and a WR, they asked if the WR could be Brown.

I’m interested to hear other people but I’d rather try to pair woods. Keep crowder as a sleeper and rotate between brown and crowder as your 2

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Ended up giving Kittle and Crowder.