Brown or Fitzgerald ROS

Who do you think will be better rest of the season: John Brown or Larry Fitzgerald? 1/2 ppr

Brown has the better ceiling. He’s among the league leaders in air yds and the TDs just haven’t come yet, which can right itself with a favorable schedule on the horizon. Fitz has a nice floor but won’t frequent WR2 weeks without goal-line TDs or a juicy matchup

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I’ll play contrarian.

Knowing that Arizona has an offense that will be required to pass frequently, with a more equipped quarterback, I would lean Fitz. In addition, Arizona runs one of the fastest offenses in the league and has had extremely low red zone efficiencies as Murray is finding himself. In my opinion, this points towards positive regression and therefore more TDs in the upcoming months.

That being said, I do agree that Brown has a higher ceiling for the aforementioned reasons. Pretty much a classic floor vs. ceiling pick.

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@knappsack true, but the deciding factor for me is Fitz’s low depth of target in the slot. With the pace of play padding his volume, Fitz has been held under 60 yds in 3 straight whereas Brown has been over the 60 yd mark in 3 of the last 4 with slightly less volume. And Brown does that just by being the clear No 1 on the team and having more valuable targets on the outside, then factor in ceiling.

It’s a bit closer in full PPR, but Brown is who I’d want ROS

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