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Brown or Mixon tonight?


Brown just got upgraded to “Not Injured”. Do I take the risk and play brown, or play a healthy mixon? Thanks for the help


More Details: are you in playoffs, are you already in first? are you fighting for most points scored for a better playoff position: For shits and gigs I lean Mixon. If you need it go Brown.


I’m leaning Mixon as well… but it is definitely dependent on your needs.


Didn’t even think to add that, thanks.

Standard scoring, I’m down by 50 and guaranteed a spot in the playoffs. But with a win tonight it will give me a 1st round bye.

I have Big Ben, Steelers Defense, and the Steelers kicker. Just trying to decide if I should start Brown or mixon.

Now that I’m writing this I’m leaning brown because of the big play upside that he has, along with his consistency.


I’m leaning mixon on my end only because of the possibility for a decoy or re-aggravation and I need to win to make playoffs