Brown Trade Opinions

I’m in a full PPR league and I’m hurting a bit at the running back position.

My line-up is

Dalton/Newton (streaming qbs for now)
Matthews (titans)
(streaming defenses)

I also have Crowell, crowder, jj nelson, Jaron brown, (open space)

I’m trying to get a top running back and everybody is interested in Brown. I’m feeling pretty good about Diggs but could also offer him. I’ve been offered a trade of Brown for Carlos Hyde and Dez Bryant. I was thinking of countering Brown and Kelley for Hyde and O’dell. Would this be a good trade on my end? Or am I better off saving the top 2 receivers in fantasy and crossing my fingers that one of my backs becomes productive enough for the RB1/RB2 spot?

I’m in the same boat in one of my leagues. I’m not trading AB unless I get a for locked and loaded RB1. I’ll take the hits with my crappy backs.

I’d do that trade (the Beckham one) for sure. If he doesn’t bite, I’d try to package Crow and a WR for Hyde alone.

I haven’t been able to give Crow away, lol. I’ve tried to package him in a bunch trades and nobody bites if he’s involved.

As far as the beckam trade, do you think Diggs or Brown should be the one to go? Do i trade diggs and kelly or brown and kelly for hyde and OBJ?

you think hyde is a locked and loaded RB1 week in and week out?

Diggs and Kelly shouldn’t net you Hyde and OBJ. You’d be getting upgrades at each position.

Man Hyde scares the shit out of me. He’s talented but he’s never finished a season. If I’m trading Brown, I’m looking at Leveon-Hunt-Zeke-Freeman in that order. Maybe even slide Freeman ahead of Zeke because of the suspension fears.

I’d agree, if Beckham wasn’t the WR. I view it as a near lateral move to get a piece he desperately needs.

I may just let a few weeks play out before trading one of my top two WR. I just want to get a back so I’m not relying on McCafferey as my #1. I might give cohen and Kelley a little time to see what happens with them. Or hopefully JJ Nelson gives me another big game this week and I can use that to entice a trade for a higher ranked RB.

How do you guys feel about Rishard Matthews as a WR2? Is it even worth letting go of diggs or brown? Or should I make sure I’m getting an OBJ type in the trade?

You should pretty much always make sure your getting a tier 1 player if your giving up a tier 1 player. Beckham and Hyde is a good value for Brown in my book.