Browns fan..... got offered Chubb for Connor!?!

I need help here. Im a diehard browns fan who owns James connor for $5 in a dynasty league. I was offered nick chubb for $5. Do I pull the trigger or is this the browns fan in me telling me to do it? Please help! Thanks #footclan

I would not do that trade.

I’m taking Chubb over Conner in dynasty format.

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Upside to Connor. No competition really. Down side to Chubb. There is already Duke for losing reception downs. The other down side, is week 9, The back who will not be named comes off suspension. HE WILL eat into some of Chubbs work. Even if Duke isn’t, Hunt WILL eat a bit.

Id keep Connor. He is on a team that is already a better scoring offense. You’re hoping the Browns will be better than last year, but that is yet to be seen. This is fantasy. Bet with your brain, not your heart. Keep Connor.

Connor over Chubb

Both are fine picks around the late 1st in ADP. Go with whoever you feel more comfortable with. Both have amazing upside with great offenses. Conner has a better o line, Chubb is probably the better back.

Chubb has all the talent. I would take Connor in a ppr this year but as far as dynasty goes I think Chubb has more value especially if the Browns can better their offensive line