Browns Offense Impact with Coach Firing!

What is the impact? Does this give people a bump up in terms of value with that moron out of the way? Will Haley and Mayfield begin to perform at a higher level? Should the value of Landry, Chubb, and Unjoku prospects improve ROS?

Haley just got fired too. Idk what they are doing. It really depends on who is the play caller.

Yeah it’s anyone’s guess until we know who is in at HC and OC and who’s calling plays etc.

I think from what I’ve read no one is missing Hue Jackson, he was just deluded thinking he had no blame at all and publicly blame Haley was just bad PR, do that stuff in house. Maybe players will be happier but i’d not go buying any and i doubt any browns were a key part of a fantasy roster so the impact wont be that bad.

This does not give anyone a bump up. Very rarely do you see a mid season firing of OC/HC end up in positive results. It’s too hard for a team to learn a completely new play book. Hell, its damn near impossible for even one extremely gifted player to do it (i.e. Josh Gordon). How do you think a team filled with average guys could do it?

My guess is they probably just keep the same system as they have now and have this season as a write off. I wouldn’t go start buying any browns players as of now.

I didn’t realize Haley was gone as well. Holy smokes! Talk about the Bad-News Bears of the NFL! I bet Haley is kicking himself for leaving Pittsburgh lol!

Jeff Fisher and Mike McCoy anyone lol