Browns WRs

Have the Browns WR value just gone up?

As long as Taylor doesn’t start!

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I just asked about Hyde in the footclan forum. I feel like it’s the browns period. Hyde looked even better once Mayfield got in there, and Njoku actually got me points for once.

Mayfield helps that offense without a doubt. They essentially wasted the first 2 games of the season

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I have a trade in place of my Howard for their L.Miller and J.Landry… should I pull the trigger?


I would. Landry with mayfield is legit. The only way this doesn’t make sense is if Howard is your only decent RB.

I have Conner, Mixon, Coleman… So in a way Howard is my most stable at this time haha if bell comes back I lose Conner, and freeman will limit Coleman… I’m hoping Mixon won’t be out too long

Who are your other WRs though?

I would 100% do this.

Brown, Hopkins, Enunwa, M.Jones, Callaway (who I would drop)… Kupp is a free agent right now

I think I’d rather keep Howard and pick up Kupp. Your WRs look good already

With brown and Hopkins, I’d keep Howard. Brown and Hopkins are auto starts every week. You don’t need the depth.

He doesn’t need it, but I think Landry is more valuable alone than Howard. Miller sweetens the deal and is a good fill in until Mixon is healthy. You could have the 3 top WR’s in the NFL (depending on Landry’s ROS, which I’m bullish on). I think Tarik Cohen will get more involved and steal some share from Howard down the line, and Howard could get injured too – who knows

Jarvis Landry is legit, and it doesn’t matter who throws him the ball (but it will be Baker the rest of the season). The rest of the receiving options are going to be hit or miss all year because Hue Jackson is the worst coach in the NFL and doesn’t know how to utilize talent.