Bruce Ellington or......?

B.E. or Yeldon or buck allen

Dude I have the same problem, I have Hopkins and Fournette. And gotta play BE,Yeldon, amendola, or D. Williams at flex… right now i have ellington in, but im not sure about fournettes ankle. Makes me think about yeldon.

Ivory is questionable with an illness So if Fournette isn’t 100% yeldon might get a nice workload. He’s also involved in the short passing game too. I’m leaning yeldon… but I am really not sure.

Ive already made the switch to Ellington.

Yeldon the 2 and didn’t know that ivory was ill. I was not sure about it when i made the switch… but just in case… I’m going with the guy opp of P. Peterson. full ppr. Clev Jax could be a 9-0 game of sorts.