Brutal TE options week 6 who to start

14 team league. Herndon is out for me and Vernon Davis now ruled out…here are waiver options:
Fant Ten
Swaim NO
Sprinkle @Mia
Akins @KC
Fells @KC

Who would you guys roll with? Projected 104 while my opponent is projected 95 (he had Josh Gordon on Thurs). High scoring game with Chiefs of course but Fant seems safer. Heck maybe even Sprinkle cuz it’s Miami.


Go with sprinkles. Atleast he’ll get a lot of chances with how bad Miami is.

I am currently in the same boat, I picked up HH but I do not want to play him this weekend even if he does play. Then again I do want to play him because my options are exactly the same as yours.

I personally went with Fant. TEN is actually ranked near the bottom vs TE and Fant has been getting more involved.

The two you’re leaning towards are my picks as well

There are only 2 ways to approach this decision: safety or strategy

Safety: Fant: coaching stability, QB stability, skill position stability. TEN is bad vs TE

Strategy: Sprinkle: Keenum is their best chance; he’s starting. Minimal competition at the position. Callahan basically said the game plan is a West coast offense featuring the run: short passes, some play action all favoring the TE. It’s MIA

Either of those choices can be fruitful. What does the rest of your roster dictate? Safety or strategy? Can you take a chance? Or to important of a week?


Who’s HH? Hockensen?

Hunter Henry

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Ahhh the Invisible Man. Is he healthy? I haven’t heard a thing about that dude

They are deciding today if he will play either way I believe they did say he would be in for a few plays.

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Fells and hope for the TD

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If he’s a full go he’s gotta be a stud from here on, right? Rivers loves to use the TE. He learned under Antonio Gates. He knows this offense. Rivers is cursed and wont win in real life. But his efforts are great for fantasy

Agreed, I saw he was available when the sleeper app notification came up so I grabbed him. Im waiting for news today to decide if I play him or not.

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Right on. I can dig that. That offense can be a Madden game. But inversely, it’s also super saturated with options. Alot of mouths to feed. Watson may run instead of picking Fells…or anyone else

Appreciate the thoughts. Fant against Ten might be low scoring so there’s that but you’re right he is safe. I’m projected 105 and opponent is 95, here are our rosters. I feel like Sprinkle could do well against Miami.

Well I have some bench room. I guess I’ll be playing “keep-away” haha. My TE situation is set