Bryant for Crowell: trading one struggling, but high upside player, for another?

Hey everyone,

New to the forums after being a listener of the show/FootClan member for awhile. Have a question here I’m struggling with I could use some help on. Given that we’re now 5+ weeks in, we all have players that we had high hopes for that have struggled all year, players that we can’t cut. What are some proposals that you think are far for trying to deal one struggling, high upside player for another in a 1:1 swap right now? In my specific scenario, I’m toying with the idea of dealing Martavis Bryant for Isaiah Crowell (1/2 PPR league, my other WR’s are Crabtree, DT, Amendola, RB’s are Gordon, Martin, Ellington, Murray - I value RB depth), and not sure what to think of it.

Any thoughts on that trade, and others that could help the community out? Thanks!