Buck Allen for John Brown?

I need WR help and he needs RB help.
We have talked in person and we are considering:
Me giving him Buck Allen and he giving me John Brown.
Should I do this? Advice would be appreciated. Thanks

I have S. Barkley, D. Freeman, S. Michel, P. Lindsey, J. Ajaya, and Javorius (Buck) Allen as my RBs, And L. Fitzgerald, Cory Davis, S. Shepard, and Nelson Agholor as my WRs. It’s a 1/2 PPR.

He has and is willing to deal Robert Woods or John Brown. All his other WRs are to expensive. Who would you rather have and what should I offer to get them?

If you can convince someone suck allen for john brown, take it and run.

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Thank You, Would you up the offer to try for Woods?
If so, what would you offer

Can I please get more than more reply? Thank You

I’d definitely go with Brown. I think that backfield belongs to Collins.

I wouldn’t bother going after Woods. After his last 2 games, you’d definitely be buying high and you don’t need Woods at a premium when you can get Brown for Buck Allen.

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Thank You all, it really helps.
What if I offered Jay Ajaya for Woods?
Would that be over paying?