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Buck Allen Trade help


What do you guys think about trading McCaffrey and Pryor to get Buck Allen?


good move or bad move?


I dunno. I think wests minor injury skewed the weekend touches slightly plus Alex Collins has been assured he will get more touches. Buck isn’t the he work horse he is being touted as yet. I still think mcaffrey could explode at some point this year as could Pryor. Maybe one for one but not both.


thanks for the response. would you try to hang on to McCaffrey or Pryor?


What is the others guys bigger need?


He has Lynch, Freeman, and Fournette and has Allen and Henry on the bench. His wide receivers are Jordy Nelson, Hopkins, John Brown, Chris Hogan, and Brandon Marshall.


Id offer Pryor for now and see what he says. He is getting a potential WR1 for an RB who may only be committee


thanks for the info