Buddy is down McKinnon, looking to trade

My buddy had McKinnon go down and is now hunting for McCaffrey. I’m about to propose the trade, I recieve Antonio Brown and Alfred Morris and he gets McCaffrey and Robert Woods. The only concern I have is my rb depth. I have DJ and McCaffrey the on the bunch Marshawn Lynch, Joe Mixon, and Kerryon. Is this too much of a gamble on my running backs? League is ppr.

EDIT: I also believe if he doesn’t take the trade he will counter with Larry Fitz instead of Woods, would I be losing on either trade?

I think this is a “trade in earnest fairness” that could work out well for both teams.

I expect big things from Woods in year two with the Rams and they have said this off-season that when they acquired him last year it was to be THE PIECE at WR.

If he counters with Fitz, ask for more than A-mo on the RB side of that trade. After all, you should be happy with Woods, and your league-mate is the one in a bind, not you.

Yea, I’d definitely do that if I were you. It’s risky on his side, but not unreasonable.

Edit: would only consider for Brown.