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*Build-A-League* Come be a part of the league of your dreams! //Full! Thanks for your interest!//


Looking to start a shiny new Dynasty league with some of the #Footclan!
Open to discussion but my ideal would be the following:

[I’ll lead with what may be the biggest decider for most folks]
-FREE LEAGUE FOR THE FORESEEABLE FUTURE (Everyone in the #Footclan should be dedicated enough to play for the love of the game anyway… Right?)
-At least 12 teams
-.5 or full PPR scoring
-FAAB (obviously)
-1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 2 Flex (RB/WR/TE), NO K, NO DEF, 1 IR
-I’m a fan of a deep bench so a goodly number of spots!
-Leaning towards combined veteran and rookie startup draft (Thanks @Ricky87 for opening my eyes)
-Probably a slow draft since we’d be based on the interwebs :computer:

If you are interested or have any suggestions or points of contention, let me know and let us BUILD A BETTER WORLD!

Or at least a pretty sweet Fantasy Football League…
:vulcan_salute: :v:


I would be interested


Any thoughts on the details of the league?

IMO, our first goal should be to decide on a platform so we can get started and flesh out the rest of the rules/settings from there.


I am a big fan of 12 team leagues, makes people have to do their homework and not get lucky because everyone has a stacked team. I prefer .5 ppr but an ok with full point. FAAB is the way to go. I like a deeper bench, and like the separate draft for rookie and veterans. Have found what best in the first year is to have both be snake and move to linear for rookies year 2 on so as not to give someone too big of an advantage year 1. Flipping the draft order for each draft works pretty well, so if you have last pick in veteran draft you have first pick in the rookie draft. Slow draft works well on sleeperbot, and still plenty of time before the season so no rush.


I agree with all of that, including the fact that there is no rush.
We’ll get a few more interested parties and see where this goes.

This should be fun!


I’m very interested! I’ve been wanting to be a part of a strong Footclan league for a while. As a genuine loyal and dedicated player myself, my only request is that you only accept people you feel will take it seriously. I’m cool with waiting if it allows you to be thorough… Because honestly, all I want is a legit league. Everything else, as far as rules/settings, is good with me.

I’m slightly partial to combining the veteran and rookie drafts, but ultimately I’m fine with either. But, ya – all that aside, I’m totes down! I’m 100% legit. I’m a pretty good player, very active, and am not the type to do shady stuff… In the slightest.


:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
I definitely want to make sure everyone is going to take it seriously so responsiveness will definitely be a screening factor.

What’s your reasoning for combining the two drafts?
I’m interested in your thoughts


Honestly — Saquon.

Figure it this way; If you combined the drafts, Saquon would go in the top 10… Probably the top 6. So if you go 12th, you’re essentially getting two top picks, plus you go right again at the top of the 2nd. But if you go last in the rookie draft, you’re getting a player who wouldn’t go until the 10th round of a startup draft. That’s a huge advantage to the guy picking 12th, IMO.

I just think combining them levels the playing field. It makes it so everyone has the choice to decide what a rookie’s value is… Which I think leads to more balance in the long run.


Compelling argument sir.
I think you may have sold me.
Especially since the first year the draft order will be completely random and arbitrary.

We’ll see what the majority rules once the rest of the league is assembled.


If you’re still looking for people, I’m in! I’m a legit player who loves fantasy! I definitely like the all of the comments so far. Let me know!



And then there were four…
Welcome aboard sir


I’m interested in the league if there is still room.


Welcome @P-Whips and @Matheus_Braz!

Since we’re halfway to full I’ll go ahead and form the league!

Send me your email addys and I’ll send invites.


I already sent u my email adress, dude. Btw, thanks.


Hey is there any room in the league or is it full? I would like to join if any openings.


We’re looking for 6 more sir. 5 after you. I sent you the link in a DM

Glad to have you


Awesome man! Thanks a lot!


I would be down to join! I have been in a 12 team PPR redraft league with some friends of mine for almost 10 years now. It will def be taken seriously. I’m just looking to join a second league with others who take it as seriously as I do. I have tried joining other leagues online and people drop out by week 6, its really lame. Anyway, all that to say, sign me up if you still have room!


Sounds great sir, we would be happy to have you.
Sent you the link in a DM

Only 4 spots remain!


Im interested if there are still spots remaining