Building a fair offer for Carson, Ridley, and DMont

I want to get Carson, Ridley, and possibly Dmont from this owner. I originally offered Jacobs, McKinnon, Cooks, and Chark. He countered Mixon, Jacobs, Diggs for his Carson, Ridley, Dmont which I feel like is too much. How should I counter back? Idc about depth, pretty much trying to load for playoffs.

Full PPR, 12 Team. 1QB/2RB/2WR/1TE/1FLX

Record: 6-3
RB: Jacobs, Mixon, Ekeler, McKinnon, Dallas
WR: Keenan, Diggs, Cooks, Chark, Diontae, Tee Higgins
TE: Ebron, Tonyan

Record: 3-6
RB: Carson, Montgomery, Gaskin, Hyde
WR: Ridley, Cole, Gallup, Agholor, Tre’Quan, Demarcus Robinson
TE: Kelce, Burton

Maybe he’s not trying to throw away his season. You asking for his 3 best players and trying to give questionable guys. Chark and jacobs haven’t been consistent. Cooks is looking good and McKinnon is a coin flip. I wouldn’t have expected your offer.

That was just the initial offer and im looking for help building a fair offer. He likes Jacobs ROS. All my of players are up for trade as well, but I just didn’t like the counter of Mixon, Jacobs, and Diggs.

Higgins and cooks might get you Ridley. I don’t think you can get Monty and Carson without giving up mixon and jacobs

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