Building my playoff team: Looking for Trade help!

.5 PPR

Current RB:

  • Gordon, Mixon, Michel, Ingram, Royce Freeman, Hyde, Richard, and Mostert

Should I look to unload one for an upgrade of my QB (Big Ben/ Wentz) or my TE (Burton)

Which trade, if any, would be the best to make to a must-win 2-6 team?

#1 Ingram and Burton FOR Zach Ertz
#2 Ingram and Big Ben/ Wentz FOR Mahomes and Dalvin Cook

What do you think, footclan?

What does your WR situation look like, that’s where I would look to upgrade first. Also what is the league scoring system.

We’re .5 ppr

I’m extremely thin at WR, but I’ve been able to squeak by with lack of injuries.

  • Odell Beckham Jr.
  • Boyd
  • Geronimo Allison

I’d definitely try to trade for a WR in your position, it’ll do a lot more than upgrading your QB or TE

Well, my thinking is that trading for a QB or TE allows me to start them week in and week out.

My RB and FLEX will be used by Gordon, Mixon, Michel- so the WR would have to be an upgrade over Beckham or Boyd- which would probably be tough to do, and even so- I’d then have to put Boyd on the bench.

If you’re willing to add Boyd to the package, just think about what kind of WR upgrade you can get. You’ll have a serious advantage each and every week.
I’m weird in that I favor flexing WRs, because point for point WRs are cheaper on the trade market for obvious reasons.