Bulkhead or White? Start/Sit


I have Rex Burkhead starting and James White on the bench. James looks 100%, while Rex is probably 75%. Thoughts on who to start/sit?


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Anxious to hear how the #footclan-community chimes in on this one as I am in the same boat.

As of now with the chance Michel doesn’t play I like Burkhead for both his rushing and receiving upside but there’s a good chance white holds value as the receiving core of rough and white is a know commodity

Burkhead. Mostly cause of the goal line work. White probably sees a tonne of catches though so if its full ppr, might change decision a bit.

Burkhead has been practicing for going on 3 weeks now. I say both. If you have to choose one I say Burkhead. I think Rex is going to line up in slot some these first few weeks with Edelman gone.

agree with psychosem…

Normally, when a guy has a training camp injury, but then returns to work and continues to work for 3 weeks, nobody worries about him anymore.

but in this case, the injury was described with the words “knee” and “tear” which scares the bejeezus out of people. That’s why we never heard anyone say “welp, not worried about burkhead anymore!”

Still, three weeks of practice is three weeks of practice. Unless this is a PPR league, I start Burkhead over White.

Even in a PPR league Burkhead over White. White will have his games but Burkhead went out on routes on roughly half of his snaps and has the extra potential these first four games of lining up in the slot. They have so few WR rostered right now and the new guys they picked up aren’t going to be thrown right into action and don’t seem like any kind of a threat at this point.

Great feedback. You guys know your sh1t.

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