Burkhead, Baldwin, or Drake? Pick 1

Any thoughts as to who is the better Flex this week?

Baldwin hands down for me.
Burkhead has been good but he might not even be the #1 RB for New England this week. It’s never guaranteed with those guys.

Baldwin on the other hand is in the game almost every play. And I know he has a tough matchup but im not willing to take the chance on getting 3points frm burkhead if I have someone like Baldwin on my team

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Baldwin, but i think it’s actually pretty close. The Patriots RB unpredictability is very overstated, imo. Lewis and Burkhead will be the most heavily involved moving forward because they are the most versatile and Belichick doesn’t want defenses to know what’s coming based in personnel. Both have been significantly involved and will continue to be, barring injury.

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What would you guys say if I could add Kenyan Drake into the mix? He’s an option on the wire currently for a free agent pickup. Would you play him over either of those two?

If you are In a standard league, take drake because Williams is out and drake will get passing downs in addition to his other work. If ppr, definitely Baldwin.

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Yeah I’m in a standard League, should’ve added that. Baldwin has been valuable but not by large so I picked up Drake to start him in my flex.