Burkhead or mccaffrey

Ok so what do you think should I play mccaffrey who has helped me make it to the playoffs against Minnesota or burkhead against the Dolphins my other rb is freeman what’s your thoughts?

id roll Goathead

I was thinking the same just makes me nervous with the patriots never know what their gonna do lol and burkhead has had to good games back to back one was against the Dolphins you think they have him figured out this game?

I’d personally roll with McCaffrey. He’s been great since kelvin Benjamin left town. Burkhead could lose his roll at any time

Damn now I’m back at being on the fence lol I mean mccaffrey is good he’s helped me make the playoffs but his matchup isn’t as good as burkhead but yet burkhead isn’t always a sure thing but it is Miami so the pats are going to dominate and run the ball a lot once they go up a shit ton

That’s true, but WHO will be running the ball, that’s the issue. Even If the panthers are playing from behind we can still be assured that McCaffrey will have a role. If they’re up then he gets carries, so it’s a win win