Burkhead or mixon?

Best RB2??? Need this win!! Would you rather take mixon or Burkhead this wee, FULL PPR!!

Burkhead imo

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I think it’s Mixon… He’s lost a lot of competition for touches. Denver can be beat in the run. And then you can avoid that whole NE backfield guessing game.

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Need a tie breaker now lol

Full PPR, I would go with Burkhead. Mixon isn’t getting enough carries in my opinion, and I don’t really see that changing this week. Burkhead is certainly a risk, but I like his matchup and potential. In the end, they have a good chance of putting up the same numbers.

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Mixon provides a safe floor. He has been fairly consistent. Burkhead has had an increased work load and seems to have a higher ceiling. It’s tuff to trust anyone in the Patriots backfield. It’s a toss up really. I lean Mixon.