Burn your #1 waiver priority?

Is Gus Edwards worth a #1 waiver priorty?

I’d take a shot at it.

Especially if its after trade deadline, etc.

I can’t promise it pays off but if Lamar keeps playing QB his running ability will help any Running back.

Would you drop Collins for Gus?

I’d hold Collins.

Surely you have another position that is easier to pick a guy up off the wire.

I think Gus’ value is going to be largely dependent on Lamar being in there. If they go back to Flacco they become more of a passing team. My instinct is they are moving on from Collins as he is the higher paid guy but it too soon to just cut and run right now.

maybe we can find an answer for both of us. Gus Edwards for Jarvis Landry Trade someone is asking for my Edwards…offering me Jarvis…

my point is, hes worth the faab if someone is offering me jarvis right? do i take jarvis?

Depends on what you need. Do you need an up and down WR or did you pick up Gus because you needed a RB?

my team is in that thread

Eh, Dynasty isn’t my thing. You have so many RB and are thin at WR. Long term Gus could have a longer future but then again Ravens could make a play for Bell next year too. I say you do this deal. Landry isn’t old yet. He still has some prime years left and Baker and the Browns offense is bound to get better over time.

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I’d do it, your RB depth is plenty good IMO.

im leaning that way.