Burrow or Minshew ROS

Have Burrow but Minshew is available. Do you think he can sustain the whole year that I can drop Burrow for him, or has this just been a lucky couple of games? TIA

They’ll probably grade out in the same tier or close to one another. I think the defenses Burrow has to go against are a bit better and the Jags will be playing from behind. So for that reason i would probably go with Minshew but you honestly wont be faulted for keeping Burrow given his potential alone.

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Yeah, it did look pretty close to me, I just never know if there’s some factor I’m overlooking that would tip it one way or the other.

upcoming schedule for minshew is amazing. i have both, im playing minshew for now


I’m trying to decide between adding Tannehill vs Minshew for some depth. Currently have Ben as my only QB.

Between those two I would go with Minshew.