Burton on a Bye this week...who to drop...or


With Burton on a Bye, I can’t just drop him, and I’d trade him but I feel content with what I got…

RB: Kamara, CMC, Lynch, Breida, Aaron Jones
WR: Thielen, Kupp, Gordon, Golladay, Boyd

With Matt Ryan as my QB

(Only 5 bench spots)

Should I drop my defense (I’ve been streaming…currently have NE) and pick up another TE? And just roll with no Defense for a week?

Trade with any of the above options?

Thanks in advance

Personally, I’d drop Boyd. It’s a tough decision but I think with a small bench like that you can get another productive receiver off the wire in a week or two.

I’m in a similar boat. Booboo on bye. I need to drop one of the following:

Larry Fitz
Lesean McCoy
Dion Lewis
Andy Dalton

Standard league, 3WR/2RB/FLEX

My main QB is Stafford, who’s been okay. I typically only keep 1 QB, but I’m not sure I like the idea of dropping either QB. Stafford has his bye coming up, and Dalton has some decent matchups coming up. I wouldn’t feel good about dropping an RB since they are pretty depleted at the moment, and more valuable in Standard. Let me know what you think.

I dropped Fitz in my standard league and have no regrets

I should mention that I am currently the only 4-0 team left, not to brag, rather to rationalize going without a defense because I think all these guys are worth hanging on to, so if I suffered a loss, I’d be okay with it (and considering how defenses can be, it might have the same effect)