Burton on waivers

burton was dropped for cook this week

my bench is fuller stills mike williams burkehead brieda mccoy i have jimmy grahme is anyone worth dropping for a stash or even trade bait

I would scoop him. He could very well have the game Cook just did and everyone is going to be on him next week.

WRs are easy to come by in my opinion

I’d rather have Burton than Jimmy Graham. But don’t think you can drop graham cause there’s probably some sucker out there willing to pay for him.

Personally would drop Breida for him.

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thanks guys

im willing to hold jimmy for trade and he will have some big games this year just when

Package Graham and berida in a trade if you can. If not I would drop Berida

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Good luck waiting for that 30 yards and 2 TD game. Burning a roster slot in my eyes. Faster you dump Jimmy Graham, the better. His value isn’t going up.