Burton, Reed... TE question

Burton is on bye week and got dropped. Somehow Reed has also slipped through waivers this week after being dropped last week on bye. I don’t expect him to be there by Sunday.

Are either one of those guys worth keeping on my bench? I have Ertz.

Pick up Burton. Good TEs are very rare to come by. And you can leverage them to your advantage when it comes to trading players.

That’s what I’m thinking. If I can stash one of them until at least Ertz bye week 9 it will save me the headache of finding one that week. Don’t usually like holding two TEs though.

I’d take Reed over Burton. Just because i’d rather have Alex Smith throwing to my TE than Trubisky

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I’d stash Reed. I think reed if healthy is better than burton. The trouble with burton is tributisky (however you spell his name). Alex Smith has shown he loves the te ie kelce last year.

You also have to remember Burton is playing under Nagy who is heavy TE dependent. I 'd prefer Burton over Reed anytime as Reed hasnt performed like the years before.

I think Reed is probably better but he can never stay healthy. I liked the bears offence this past week.

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To me Reed is the better stash. Don’t forget Rule 86: if Reed is healthy he is a BEAST. Bears offense has been inconsistent so far

I´d go with Reed bc of targets.
He had 14 rec in 3 games, Burton had 11 in 4 games.
I dont think u can count on the TDs every week.