Burton vs Brate ROS

Is it worth dropping Burton for Brate for the rest of the season?

I am having the same issue…but could also keep Burton and drop Josh Reynolds for Brate.

I have had Burton all season long…he hasn’t killed me but ultimately hasn’t helped much.

@porterre. I most DEFINITELY would not drop Reynolds!!! I’d say dropping Burton would be the better of those two options.

Would you say Burton and Brate are a wash? Or is Brate a better play goin foraward?

I currently have Kittle but I’m having flex issues. I’m hoping the Winston/Brate combo may be a good option

I had OJ, and of all the top TE choices on my WW (Heuerman, Jonnu and Brate)….Brate looks to be the top pick. So…I WOULD DEFINITELY NOT say Brate is gonna be a wash, by any means. Burton??? He’s not seen a lot of targets lately anyway.

So…Burton-more probably than not.