Busy FA day: Duke or Doug?

Got Lynch in a trade yesterday and picked up Richard just in case. Gonna drop Lynch, should I grab Doug Martin or Duke Johnson? Full PPR, btw

Duke Johnson. Not even close. Doug martin is walking into the lynch role for 4 weeks where he easily gets scripted out.

Duke Johnson is browns 2nd best WR. They’ve already been using him. I see him having similar value to what he was last year.

Duke, Carlos Hyde just got traded, duke will be one and Chubb two

Chubb will be 1. and Duke will be 2 lol.

Duke is not a 1st and 2nd down back. That’s why they drafted chubb. Chubb is arguably the closest talent wise to Barkley. Only reason why he wasn’t a 1st round pick is probably cause barkley was there. In any other year, Chubb would’ve been first RB off the board.