Buy Chubb?

Curious if anyone is looking to buy Chubb. I’d assume he’s back week 10 (BYE week 9). That gives you 3 weeks without him, but still 7 (max) with him.

I’m in good shape to make the playoffs (knock on wood), considering making an offer and hoping he returns strong.

Half PPR.

I know, I know. Team dependent, but in a vacuum, who are some players you trade today for Chubb?

Good target if you can get it done. Really not sure what would be needed though, depends how the Chubb owners team is looking to.

Would you accept Swift for Chubb?

I doubt Swift is enough unless the Chubb owner is 1-5 and has no startable RBs. I think you’d have to offer a RoJo or Monty to pull Chubb out off somoeone’s team.

He’s definitely a trade target for a playoff push.

I went looking in my full-PPR 16-team league because the 14th place team has Chubb.

Would you guys offer Crowder and Drake for Chubb? It leaves me thin this week but I can put together a roster.

Lev Bell for Chubb? Or Antonio Gibson?

Do you guys think either could get Chubb? or Ekeler for that matter?

Gibson has a better chance. Ekeler would not be an option because he’s on a similar timeframe and doesn’t help now.