Buy Damien Williams?

Or is he a liability and I should just stay away?

The Mahomes owner is looking for a QB and I’ve got both Wentz and Lamar Jackson… he’s interested in flipping D.Will for Wentz

Seems like a no brainer to do it, but is D.Will just going to goose my lineup… he hasn’t been good

I would use your leverage to get something more than D. Will. Most likely he’ll end up on waivers soon.

I think last night previewed the rest of the season. I think McCoy is the clear #1 and Williams is now the backup. You should get a lot more for Wentz than Williams.

Interesting, I actually expected more responses saying to do it haha

I always feel like it’s a good idea to trade a QB for a RB, especially one that I’m not really using… but I guess D.Will has really fallen off right now

I would NOT buy into the KC backfield…It’s like playing Russian roulette when placing this bet. This goes without saying… It might be a good trade if you need RB help, but you could do better. I’d deal Lamar for a prime piece and ride the Wentz Wagon!