Buy Doug Baldwin

Thinking of offering M Breida and D Lewis for the 0-3 Baldwin owner who lacks RBs.

I’m set with Kamara, Conner, Lynch and Sony

Thoughts? Any other non injured WRs to target with those two?

I drafted him, dropped him after the injury. I don’t trust 1 bad knee let alone 2 but he’s Doug Baldwin lol and I will probably regret that decision but my team seems pretty solid with moves I made. Sounds like you have RB depth, go for it if you’re willing to take the risk.

what are your wrs? do you really need him. i like matt breida’s future value particularly in ppr. just be careful with bye weeks. conner and lynch have same bye week.

we start 3 WRs and a flex.

I have:

M Thomas
J Gordon
K Cole

so really looking for a consistent WR3. also looking to buy low on Larry Fitz, but the owner wants more than hes producing this year

any 4 of those wrs in a given week if you choose the right matchup will have as much production as baldwin in my opinion. Maybe i’m too high on breida but i’d sit tight. see how your wrs develop. plenty of upside with that bunch.

Ya, I can certainly let it play out, play the matchups.

Maybe an offer will come my way from one of the few teams struggling at RB