Buy-Low Candidate: Devonta Freeman?

Hey all,

Was looking to get some opinions on Devonta Freeman ROS.

He’s spent the year so far injured, and only mustered <50 yards rushing on his first game back.

I realize that the Falcons were down most of the game, so the game-plan quickly steered away from any run game, but wanted to get some heat checks on where he stands right now.

Is he a viable buy-low candidate? Is he even worth buying low is what i really should be asking.

What do you think his outlook is ROS? Are you worried for his health or job long-term?

This is a tough one for sure. I am not worried about his job per say, in the sense that he will be the starting back. He was paid to do that, and led the backfield in his first week back from injury. It could be closer to 50/50 then we were expecting though. Assuming he is healthy, which I think they gave him the time to do, I would still try to buy him as an rb2. The falcons will need to pass a lot and Freeman is talented in that department, and also should get a lot of goal line looks.

Would you give up Connor in a keeper league for Freeman?

Umm…hmm thats tough. I’m not sure I would. If you are a win now team I would consider it, because you always have to play for the current day and Conner is liekly to lose a lot of value ROS when bell returns. But for next year, Conner seems likely to be an every down back on a good offense. Freeman also loses Coleman, but Falcon’s seem intent on keeping a split

I’m definitely looking to win this year, but Connor would be a 10th round pick next year.

I currently have ingram, hunt, mixon, and Gio, so I have some rb depth. We start 2 and a flex.

I’m not sure if my depth means go for the trade or hold off.

Yeh with mixon, hunt, ingram you shuold be fine this year. For keeper league I guess I would do this trade.

Just to be clear, you’d give up Connor for Freeman?

oh right…sorry bouncing around between threads. I would keep Connor over Freeman for the keeper aspect since you have the depth for this year.

Hey guys, wanted to bump up the thread to get more input as trade talks with the freeman owner is heating up.

just offered Lockette + either Drake/lewis/lindsey

he is painfully thin at WR, lockette would most likely become his WR2.


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