Buy low candidates - Window closed

I hope everyone here went out and bought low on all the studs prior to this week. Been on these forums a lot advocating for OBJ/AB/Keenan Allen. Buy window officially closed on 2/3 so far, let’s see what happens with Keenan Allen later today…

I got OBJ and Fournette right before the game :slight_smile: for James white and Jordan Howard haha
I got M. Gordon and Kareem hunt so I’m happy

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Forgot about Wilson. Been saying to buy him too. This is what he does when going up vs a good offense and at home especially.

He should be solid from here on out.

I traded Jordan Howard for Keenan Allen last week my team is pretty stacked now
Melvin Gordon, James Connor,Sony Michel,fornette
Hopkins,Allen,Diggs,josh Gordon,Jon brown
Start 2rb 3wr
Should I trade Conner to the bell owner for eckler or hold him and see what kind of shape bell is in when he comes back

Looks like buy window on Keenan Allen is still open. Recommend you all keep on buying.

Connor also just gave you a nice little sell window so I would do that if I were you.

What could I get for him

Look to the 0-4 and 1-4 teams who need to buy wins within the next couple weeks ad trade them connor for a more long term solution.

I think Aaron Jones is still a buy low given how weird this game was. He’s still crazy efficient averaging like 5.5 YPC and also getting a couple targets a game.

If I could sell Connor right now for Aaron Jones, I would be happy to do that. Assuming you yourself are not 1-4 or 0-5 in need of wins. Based on your team, I’m assuming that’s not you.

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I am 5-0 in one league and 4-1 in another. Have Connor in both

Congrats. You are in excellent position to make the play I am talking about. Buy a high upside guy like Aaron Jones using Connor who is a rental and had a blow up game.

Conner doesn’t have great matchups coming up and he basically needs 25-30 touches to be useful, other wise he kinda sucks.

Who else should I target. I have jones on my bench in my other league

The bell owner has zack ertz and I have enjoku. Is Conner and enjoku worth ertz and eckler?

That is definitely worth it. YOu get a huge upgrade at TE and what appears to be a weekly flex play. With Wentz back, Ertz is a beast again. And all you give up is a rental. I’m pretty high on Njoku too but Ertz is way more stable as the top target in that offense.

P.S. Anyone who has read my past posts knows, I was down on Ekeler. I am not willing to admit I was an idiot and was wrong. He seems be a part of that offense now and getting snaps at a 65/35 rate with Gordon whereas last year was much closer to 80/20. And he is very efficient given the play designs they give him are great for chunk yardage.

Thanx dude!

Tried some AB/ Allen trades this week but the owners wanted to hang on for dear life. Most of them are 1-3 and now going on 1-4

how do you feel about Theilen now a days? :eyes:

I’m actually going to write a follow-up “What I was wrong about” article Monday from the notes I’ve gathered and Thielen is top of the list on that one. He might be my biggest whiff/miss of the entire off season. But I’ve seen the tape now and it makes sense.

Going to go through Thielen on that post so be on the lookout for that. But the short version is, the new OC basically fully adopted the prior scheme from Shurmur, didn’t really change much which makes sense. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. But the other huge factors are that the vikings D has been awful and Dalvin Cook has been inactive. My whole prediction was based on the premise that Vikings would be one of if not the best D in the league and basically grind people out with the run game. Didn’t think Cousins would throw enough to support Thielen’s volume. Turns out that’s not the case.

EDIT: Luckily, because I was low on him, I got him for great value in the leagues I do own him and he is now owning for me in those teams.

I am so happy that we had that chat on a previous thread about me giving up DAdams+Lynch for AB…after acquiring AB a few days ago, I’m a very happy AB owner right now.

I also got Aaron Jones for Edelman, and unfortunately he had a down week but like you said, it was an odd game so hopefully he produces more fantasy points in the upcoming weeks.

I also drafted Thielen (because I’m a big Vikes fan and been following him for a while), and so so so happy I have AB and Thielen on my roster right now.

Yeah the AB buy window is now closed.

Adams had a great gate as well though. But as you saw with Oakland, Lynch is a TD or bust guy when Carr sucks, which is often. I would definitely still rather have Jones than Lynch ROS.

Yeah Thielen is absolutely crushing. He was my biggest whiff of the offseason. I’m eating crow on that one.

What are your thoughts on Drake? I was so close to dropping him this week, it was definitely make or break for me with this week’s performance and he goes and puts up 24.50pts for me in my full PPR league…

Only 6 rushing attempts for 46 yards, but 11 targets 7 receptions for 69 yards and a rec TD, I haven’t seen the game yet, but what do you think? worth stashing? use him in a trade? I have DJ/Jones/Coleman/Lewis as my other backs

He’s definitely not drop worthy. I’m a big believer that talent wins out in the NFL. And I have always been a big believer in Drake’s talent. He has lots to improve on but he is a very gifted runner. The main issue is, I don’t trust Gase, and i don’t trust that team. I typically do not like owning RBs on bad offenses unless they are literally the total work horse (i.e. DJ/Zeke). Hence my reservations against guys like Lynch as well. So I would say if you can trade him now for something of value, I wouldn’t be against that at all.

If you can like combo him and trade for someone like a Michel or kerryon, I’d be doing that.