Buy Low canidates?

So I am 2-1, but I am in big need of a stud RB.
RB’s- Abdullah, Crowel -_-, james white, doug martin, chris carson, and chris johnson?
WR- Jordy, T. HIll, Garcon, D. Jax.

Is there a Rb out there i could package with D. Jax and another Rb i have?

Need opinions thanks

Martin would have been my answer, but obviously that’s Moot. I don’t see another real buy low target at the moment. Maybe Ajayi, but that’s a bit risky.

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That being said, do you think that I could ride out starting the right RB’s every week until Martin comes back?

Considering that that’s what, two more weeks? Probably, but it depends in your league and matchups.

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