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Buy Low Guys, Pump the Brakes, #Footclan Questions


Originally published at: https://www.thefantasyfootballers.com/podcast/buy-low-guys-pump-brakes-footclan-questions/

The Fantasy Footballers are back with a jam-packed episode as Week 3 approaches. First, we discuss the buy low candidates we’ve been trying to trade for in our leagues. We pump the brakes on a few guys for Week 3 and finally answer a number of listener questions. Manage your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy…


Why do your WR rankings contradict what you’re saying here? Jason says he has trouble starting Fitz over Higgins, yet on your site you have Fitz ranked WR19 and Higgins WR48. Andy said he wouldn’t say AJ is top three, but on the site all three of you have him as WR3! How can I go off your rankings if you apparently don’t either?


rankings weren’t ready yet, got posted too soon


After listening to your “buy-low” segement, I was offered TY Hilton for Coby Fleener from the guy in my league who finished 3rd last year and immediately accepted it. Unfortunately, my commissioner vetoed with majority vote because “the trade was too lopsided” despite my argument that the value is up to the person offering the trade not him or the rest of the league. As soon as it was vetoed, I was told that everyone, including the commissioner started trying to pry Hilton away from this guy for garbage offers.

Is this collusion/ what should I do? (p.s. my league mates also listen to the podcast)


total trash. vetoes are dumb and ruin leagues.


Waiting for the rankings to go up, mind answering a quick question?

Bucs, Dolphins, and Jags D all on the waiver. Can I really trust the Miami D against the jets this week, or are the other 2 better options?


I traded Devante Parker to get Derrick Henry last night, other rbs are Fournette, montgomery, Cook, Coleman, Kelley, Carson, Foreman.
Julio, Hogan, Kearse, Golladay are my remaining wr’s, Should I shop fournette out for a top6 wr? 12 man league, 3wr/2rb/1flex 1ppr


Now that the rankings are up, nothing has changed? Why the many discrepancies? Sorry for the frustration, but I depend on you guys, and there are many differences between what you say in your video and your rankings. Which am I supposed to believe?