Buy Low On Ajayi?

After Ajayi doing nothing in today’s game, is it time to buy low on Ajayi or is he not worth it? My current RB’s are Hunt, Ingram, Crowell, Quizz, and Smallwood. Should I make an offer for him?
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That’s a tough one. Dude is good for sure but his offense is in shambles right now. I’d like to know what others thought too.

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I would absolutely buy low on him right now
Yea the offense is not doing well but remember last year that was exactly what everyone said and he had the back to back 200 yard games
Not saying he’d do that again but he is good enough to do so…

My league mate was panicking after last week and I managed to pick him up for just Chris Carson… Who now is hurt.

If you can get him for cheap I would. Otherwise, I would not. Cutler is showing that he is the same shit QB he was in Chicago. Unless the offense changes Ajayi will struggle this year.