Buy low on Corey Davis and Dion Lewis?

I think I see an opportunity to buy low on these two players. Davis has a large target share and Mariota is getting healthy. Lewis has a stretch of good matchups after tomorrow’s game against the Eagles.

If you think there is a buy-low opportunity, help me make a proper offer. I have Mike Williams, Sony Michel, Gio Bernard (and Mixon on my IR), Larry Fitz, Lamar Miller. Would offering Williams and Miller be too much for Davis and Lewis?

I wouldn’t want Davis but I’d try to get Lewis. Maybe trade Bernard or Fitz for Lewis.

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That would be a loss on both players ROS in my opinion. I wouldn’t part with any of your players for Lewis or Davis.

What do you not like about Davis? With Mariota getting healthy, the front line also getting healthy and a lack of weapons, seems like Davis is set for a big year.

Well, with this game, the door to buy Davis low has closed.


It sure has. check out Taywan Taylor though. He stepped up nicely today and that should continue unless they sign another WR.

Should’ve been buying davis for past 3 weeks. I’ve been trying to everywhere I could. Dominating target market share and air yards. That much talent with opportunity was bound to have positive reversion. That happened today. Probably too late to buy now.

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The concept of buying low is exactly that concept… that ship has sailed my man…

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Yep, it sailed off with my chances of winning, in fact.

Sorry, I think you missed your chance to buy low on Corey Davis : )