Buy low on drake?

I am 1-3 and ready to tilt
12 team full ppr

my team
QB: Stafford, Goff
RB: Taylor, Aaron Jones, Swift, Moss, Freeman
WR: Golladay, Woods, Jefferson, Dionate Johnson, Higgins
TE: Fant, Cook

I am thinking of offering Swift and Higgins for Drake? Any idea if that would actually work and he’d accept? or should I stay put with my team

His Team
QB:Burrow, Tannehill, Jimmy G
RB: Drake, McKinnon, CMC, Coleman
WR: Ridley, Landry, Sanders, Crowder
TE: Kelce, Herndon

Honestly wouldn’t hurt to offer, Drake’s performance has just gotten worse every week and now add a possible injury on top of it, who knows. If there was a time to buy low it’s now, but dunno what you’re getting

yeah exactly but it would give more depth for my RBs as moss has been disappointing this far but he’s been injured for 2 weeks

You could probably get away with Swift for Drake straight up. Swift had a good game on Sunday, so you may be able to captialize on that.