Buy low on Julio and Gaskin?

Half ppr 12 man league

His Julio and Gaskin
My AB and Mitchell

Was really surprised I got Mitchell for 21 faab so trying to maybe move him while hes projected high. I have a feeling Sermon will take that lead sooner than later

My team
Kamara, Mixon, D. Harris, L Murrary, E. Mitchell
K. Allen, Diontae, C. Davis, AB, J. Meyers

His Team
CMC, Edmonds, Gaskin, Carter
AJ Brown, Jefferson, Boyd, Julio, Shenault

This would be a real buy low and sell high on my guys but is this a crazy offer? Itd help his problem of Brown and Julio

Yeah I’m taking this deal and moving forward with two guys that I can feel confident in.

Well itd be an offer from me so does it come across as not enough then?

Every league is different. But you’d need to find someone tilting big on Julio that saw Mitchell and felt sure the 49ers run with him rest of season.

Antonio Brown had an excellent game too and he will likely have a few more of them this season.

But this trade is just chasing last weeks points in my opinion as arguably you get the two best players (we will see if Mitchell remains a thing and if Julio was just a bad day or more to come)