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Buy low on Mixon?


This isnt so much me asking for help. But I was gauging the community to see if they are taking the opportunity to buy low on Mixon, or trading him away?

Ive been buying low. I traded away CJ Anderson straight up for Mixon. The only reason I did this is because my RB depth is great. I have Freeman, Hunt and Doug Martin. Ive never really been a CJA fan, but drafted him when he fell far enough. What have you been doing, buying or selling?


Yea, I had a guy who was desperate, so I got Mixon for Frank Gore… i’m figuring Mixon will win at least majority of the carries by week 4 or 5 with the new OC in place.


That is desperate! I tried trading away Martin but I think the other owner wanted help now.

Anyone else?


Nothing specific to say on trades but I agree that Mixon is going to be relevant because Marvin Lewis felt enough pressure to get rid of Ken Zampeaze and if they lose anymore he’s not going to be able to stand the public pressure building for mixon to be the starter