Buy low opp

Guy wants to move Mixon but I am not sure if I want to send Fournette or Mack his way for him. Its 12 tm ppr

Fournette is probably in the worst offense, but him and Mack will probably see more volume week to week.

I want to go get Mixon while his value is low but I don’t think I have an offer that works for him.

RB: Fournette, Mack, Brieda, J Jackson, J Hill, D Harris

WR: Adams, K Allen, C Samuel, Miller, AJ Green

Fournette, Mack, and Mixon are essentially in the same situation: mediocre offense, not the best situation, a PPR guy behind them who might snipe targets, and likely they’ll be in bad game scripts.
So, when situation is the same, give me talent and health as a tie breaker. Mixon is the most talented, then probably Fournette; but, with his health and attitude issues, he’s risky. Give me Mixon and Mack; but, realize, if Fournette plays 16, he’ll probably out produce Mack

Could maybe get him to chip in a player as well. Like John Brown