Buy low or bad trade? Could use some help

Could use some help deciding on this… I think its a good buy low?

10 man .5 ppr, no flex (3WR 2RB).
I currently am starting:
RB: Saquon, Zeke (Ingram, Yeldon bench)
WR: Jarvis, Corey Davis, Kupp (John Brown, TY ,Sammy Watkins on bench)

Offered trade:
Out: Zeke, Kupp, Big Ben
In: Odell, Mixon, Russel Wilson

Thanks guys

Take that all day long man

I’d say absolutely not, unlike the above poster.

Russel Wilson is an excellent QB, but his team is struggling this year so he basicly has to try and save the day by himself more often than not.

Mixon is just coming off minor knee surgery, so while he may be fine it also could be a nagging injury all year long.

Odell is a great addition but not worth losing Zeke over, and Kupp makes a fine WR2 behind Landry (who i assume is your WR1).

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I agree with @jtess72…Zeke over Mixon, Cupp over OBJ at least for the time being (OBJ will probably end up finishing top 10 but I don’t think Cupp will be too far behind). Russ is having a horrible year but would look for other options if QB is your position of need.

I’m going to make this an even split from other comments. I like Odell side here. Yes Zeke is Zeke and will end top 5. But Mixon is a guy who can easily end in the top 10 at RB, and Odell is due for positive TD regression. 10+ TD all seasons (but last year when he only had 4 games). Kupp doesn’t have the same upside as Odell and Jarvis already gives you a safe floor. The QBs to me don’t sway the trade much, although Ben has a better outlook than Wilson ROS

Right now I would want Zeke. Mixon is coming back but that doesnt mean he will be unstoppable AND if Im the bengals I might limit the usage of a young stud like mixon to avoid reinjury. OBJ is better than Kupp, but the way the rams have been throwing the ball around i like Kupp in my lineup.

No way i’d accept that trade. Ben>Wilson. Zeke>Mixon. One could maybe even make an argument that Kupp ends up being a better fantasy WR than OBJ by year’s end. Best case you’re improving your roster in 1 of 3 areas here.

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My heart wants Mixon & Odell here, but think Zeke & Kupp is actually the better move. If you can find a way to get Mixon in a different deal (like John Brown & a piece i would think about that), but if not hold.