Buy Low Sell High

What are some Buy-Low Sell-High targets you are going for after week 1? Is Woods the real deal, should we sell high? What about TE’s, Waller and Kittle both had down weeks, are you trying to buy low?

What about RB’s, who are some players that you think people will panic-sell after a lackluster week 1 or potential injury?

I would be trying to target Cooper Kupp and DJ Moore this week, i would also look at getting Mixon and Chubb. Waller could also be a good trade target but i dont feel like owners are going to want to get rid of kittle just yet.

Unfortunately i’m a Woods owner as well as DJ Moore so I’m the one people are trying to target and not the other way around haha.

I really like Waller for some reason and really want to get him, but i don’t know if i can even justify doing so. I have Jared Cook as my TE1, and i may try and just straight up swap with the Waller owner trying to sell on Cook’s fairly solid week 1 performance (also have Michael Thomas so kind of want to get away from having 2 starters from the same team).

If you are able to get Waller for Cook straight up then i would do it, i feel like Waller will bounce back and have a solid season this year!!

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Waller for Cook especially if you’re in a PPR league. Jacobs just ate it up, Waller should get his.

Just saw the news regarding Thomas having a high-ankle sprain. This give Cook a boost or do we think it won’t change much/still a good trade opportunity for Waller?

It sounds like Thomas is gonna try to play through it so it wont be the big bump as if he was out for multiple weeks but there still may be a small uptick in targets and Id go for Waller as a more upside on the year long option

I would probably try and target Thomas as a buy low after week one if possible

curious what u guys think about that and what u would give up to get him

I dont think most owners will be phased by an off game by Thomas, dont feel like you will be able to get him for cheap unless an owner is scared about his injury.