Buy low targets post week 1

Who are you looking at buying low this week?

I’m RB heavy. Especially Weds morning I imagine I wi win my bidding wars.

Currently: Saquon Barkley, Kerryon Johnson, Aaron Jones, Justice Hill, Melvin Gordon. I’m buying into Chris Thompson and Giovanni Bernard on waivers.

My WR situation is feeling desperate with Cooper Kupp, Robbie Anderson, Emmanuel Sanders, John Brown and Anthony Miller.

Buy low targets:
DeVante Adams (Longshot but owner lost in a landslide and lacks RB depth)

Mike Davis (Unlikely… He beat above owner and is sitting pretty solid with depth)

Brandon Cooks AND Antonio Brown. (Mixon owner. Scored under 100 points this week. He has almost no WR depth too. Going to shoot for selling Emmanuel Sanders high with Gio Bernard for this.)

Stefon Diggs (Owner lacks any RB depth.)

Tyler Lockett (Tyreek Hill owner. Might look at a straight across for Emmanuel Sanders if the above doesn’t go through.)

I love Emmanuel Sanders for his ceiling but his floor and injury risk worry me. Not liking how Denver’s offense is looking. Sutton is showing up. So I’m just gonna sell high on him for a more stable player.

What you thinking after week 1?

I want AB if he suits up this week especially. AB over Miami? He will feast even in a new unit. Then I might even try to sell him high if the game goes how you’d expect next week.

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