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Buyers Remorse - Hopkins/Gillislee - ROSTER HELP!


I drafted Hopkins in the middle of the third and Gillislee middle of the 6th and am starting to have a little bit of buyers remorse.

I am looking into a couple deals such as Hopkins/Gillislee for Crowder/Powell, or perhaps aiming for a more premier WR or RB. Am I just overreacting and should I just stay still?

12 team, 0.5 PPR, 2 WR/2 RB/DOUBLE FLEX
QB: Dak
WR: Amari, Hopkins, Devante Parker, Marvin Jones, Moncrief, Galladay
RB: Devante Freeman, Gillislee, Jacquizz, Riddick, Perkins
TE: Kelce


I would offer any combo of your RB besides freeman, WR’s Jones and Galladay for an upgrade RB and a solid WR2 if possible. I know its easier said than done I’m in a similar situation.