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Buyers Remorse


Hi all,

In my main league, i recently traded Freeman for Ty Montgomery and Pierre Garcon. I’m a packers fan and that might have had something to do with it.

My other RBs are Shady, Crowell, Jaquizz, Paul Perkins and Chris Johnson (i had previously had Danny Woodhead)

WR wise i have Cooper, Cooks, Landry, Maclin and Pryor.

I’m starting to regret having let Freeman go. He’s never been someone i’ve been that high on and i really needed to bring in a more steady WR as i considered Cooper, Cooks and Pryor very boom bust.

Does anyone want to reassure me i have done the right thing?

FYI i also had to drop Kenny Britt to bring Garcon in.


I hate to say this but this is a bad trade for you. Freeman is a stud muffin and it would take more for me to let him go. I am also a Packers fan and I love TY but I give him a 5% chance that he plays all 16 games this season. If the Packers work him as much as they did in game one, he just isn’t going to hold up. The same can be said about McCoy, he already has a groin injury and the Bills are going to run him into the ground because he is all they got on offense.


I think it’s WAY too early for you to start completely regretting this. In week 1, on a day when the packers offense looked pretty shaky as a whole, Ty Mont got 19 carries for 54, caught 4 of 4 passes for 39 and scored. He proved that he’s capable of being their every down back, and quieted any hype about Jamaal Williams (2 carries). The Green Bay offense is one of the best in the league and you’ve got a hugely important piece to it who won’t lose any carries to someone like a Tevin Coleman.


I agree with @Gwill250


Freeman is a beast, and he proved even with Telvin he can get the job done. Having Telvin there just keeps Freeman Fresh. Hope it works out for you but i would have stayed on freeman


I have faith in Ty Montgomery but I think there should’ve been a stronger WR packaged with him for that trade. Freeman is a stud and has his place in that offense. I think you got the shorter end of the stick in that trade.